The Art

This design represents for me the love that I have for the Okanagan and for the people in the Okanagan. I have been lucky enough to call the Okanagan my home for my entire life. It has taken care of me, provided for me. I have experienced so much love here, and I want to give that love back to its people.

Eagle feather, Alberta rose, swallowtail butterfly, strawberry, and maple leaf. The elements chosen for this design all represent the beauty of the Okanagan. All elements are also sacred to Anishinaabe culture, my culture. Also represented in this design is the beauty and magnificence of the 2SLGTQIA+ community.

Growing up, I was unaware of the hate that existed here. As this land belongs to the Syilx people and falls on Turtle Island, I feel it is my duty to protect and stand up for love, the love that I feel and believe in myself.

With the help of Wilbur Turner, I put my heart and soul into this design. I could not have asked for a better partner or a better project to express the love I have for Syilx territory. Chi miigwech. —Sarah Jones